Lake Alpine Resort at Bear Valley, California

About Lake Alpine

Lake Alpine Resort - Bear Valley, California The Lake Alpine area was originally known as Silver Valley, named by the Murphy's Exploring Party of 1855 while searching for a route across the Sierras. Before that, the famous mountain man, Jedediah Smith, was said to have traveled through here in 1827; and before that, the Miwok Indians spent summers at Lake Alpine hunting, fishing, and gathering pine nuts.

About the Resort

The Lodge at Lake Alpine Resort was built by B.R.Gianelli in 1927 and completed the following year as a three story building, but the lodge collapsed in heavy snowfall of 1932. Only the stone fireplace built by Monte Wolfe and a pile of rubble remained. The lodge was rebuilt to its present form and contains a restaurant, bar and general/gift store. The resort also offers cabin rentals and boat rentals with a caring staff that makes sure that your experience at Lake Alpine is fun and memorable!

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