Lake Alpine Resort at Bear Valley, California

Lake Alpine - California Hiking Trails

California Hiking Trails - Sierra Nevada MountainsFrom crystal clear lakes and streams to spectacular vistas, nature's wonder awaits hikers and outdoor lovers at Lake Alpine. Stanislaus National Forest hiking trails can range from short, easy day hikes to the more difficult backpacking adventures.

The hike to Inspiration Point is a favorite way to stretch the legs. The wildflowers are beautiful and the scenery is fantastic! The fall colors are wonderful when the aspen trees turn to gold. California hiking trails offer amble opportunities for photography, exploring, bird watching, and wildlife viewing.

Trail maps for this area are found on Emigrant Wilderness topographic map, or Carson-Iceberg Wilderness topographic map, available at most US Forest Offices.

Hiking in the Sierra Nevada MountainsPlease be prepared for trail conditions that vary from well maintained to un-maintained. Whether your hiking trip will last an hour or an entire day, wear comfortable walking shoes appropriate for the season. Carry water and a good map of the area.

Please be aware of your impact on the natural environment and practice no-trace hiking and camping techniques at all times. Please pack out any trash you may have so others may enjoy a completely natural outdoor experience.

If you travel in the spring, be careful when walking near streams. Snow runoff can increase water depth and swiftness and decrease water temperature to dangerous levels. Stay away from stream banks at this time and resist the temptation to swim or wade.

Backpacking: The wilderness offers some excellent backpacking opportunities. A wilderness permit is needed for overnight camping and are offered free of charge at all Stanilaus National Forest offices.

Rock Climbing: There are many granite outcrops and boulder fields offering unlimited rock climbing opportunities.

Stargazing: On a clear night the skies are an astronomers dream; filled with the brightest stars lighting up the western skies. Bring your telescope and feast on the constellations, galaxies, moon, planets and multitude of stars. Lake Alpine is about as close to heaven as you can get!

Don't Drink the Water

Lakes and streams can be contaminated even though they look and taste pure. The surest method of treatment to make water safe is to boil it for five minutes. Other methods are filtering and/or using chemical disinfectants such as iodine or chlorine tablets or drops. A filter with a pore size less than 0.5 micron can remove most harmful bacteria and protozoa including giardia. Chemical disinfectants such as iodine or chlorine tablets or drops are not considered as reliable as heat in killing giardia, although these products work well against most waterborne disease-causing bacteria. For increased safety, treat filtered water with chemical disinfectants.

Sierra Nevada Mountains

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